A Declaration Of War

by 14 Sacred Words

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Ceorl Hrobdbeordht
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Ceorl Hrobdbeordht when I first heard you, via EuropeanUnity565 on youtube, I was surprised you were American! I don't know of anyother NSHC babd from here in the States. Good work! Keep it up!
-From a newly made US Soldier
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We live in the reality
Of your Marxist fantasy
Your battles for equality
Have made us a minority

You will not buy us with a condescending glance
Or the same old song and dance
You have failed to guilt us into seeding our own demise
And now we're deaf to all your lies

We've turned off our TVs
We now march in the streets

We will secure the existence of our people
And a future for our children
Free from Zionistic, anti-white evil

Make no mistake, this is no mere manifesto
This is a declaration
Our declaration of war

We stand united
One nation battle scarred
This is who we are
Identity Vanguard

No more need to have this conversation
We will not watch our civilization
Fall to this third world invasion
We reject this sick Islamification
Under our sacred banner
We stand against the traitors to our nation

You sold our future, demonized our past
Delegitimized our faith, and misled our path
Forced integration, coerced miscegenation
Glorified degeneration
You fucking abomination

Against political corruptness we stand
For the brothers and the sisters of our blood and land
Why cry out in our darkest hour
Identitarian Youth Power!

Make no mistake, this is no mere manifesto
This is a declaration
Our declaration of war
We will reclaim our stolen destiny
In the name of our identity
We shall know victory


released October 6, 2015



all rights reserved


14 Sacred Words New York, New York

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