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Ceorl Hrobdbeordht how many vocalists are there in the band? I'm impressed with the vocals and the range between them
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released February 19, 2016



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14 Sacred Words New York, New York

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Track Name: Unbreakable
I am the epitome of hated
In a world depraved
They demand my silence
Such a privilege to be enslaved
They compel me to renounce my kith and kin
To curse the blood flowing through my veins
And hate the color of my skin

Cast your stones and never stop demanding
Driven to madness that I'm still standing

Tell me that my genocide is something to rejoice
Tell me it's the current year and I don't have a voice
I'm immune to your fallacies and your communist fable
My spirit rejects you, my Will is unbreakable

Falling into to apathy of all your cries
"Racist! White Supreemist!"
Fading from the tiredness of all your lies
Every word you utter is baseless

Is it white privilege to live without your own reflection?
Pathological altruistic projection

I am the embodied double-standard
It's the latest fashion to denounce me
So popular to hate
Diversity means less of me
Step aside and let Virtue shatter
Organize to put an end to my kind
Cause black lives are the only ones that matter

In spite of all the odds against me
I am capable
In the face of adversity
I am unbreakable

Tell me my displacement is something to celebrate
Tell me I need tolerance for your anti-white hate
My mind is impervious, my heart unchangeable
My European spirit is virtuously unbreakable